Personal Care Recipe: Simple Soap

Amanda over at the LovinSoapBlog posted a FANTASTIC cold process soap recipe.  My goal for this soap making session was to make an easier soap, use fewer ingredients, and I wanted to avoid using the crock pot…to be completely honest, I wanted to avoid cleaning the crock pot afterward.

The recipe is fantastic for a few different reasons:

  1. I was able to successfully reduce the amount of ingredients to four (if you leave out the EOs) instead of eight.
  2. The soap lathers extremely well and feels wonderful on my skin.
  3. The soap is not as drying as the Tropical Traditions unscented bar soap (thank you shea butter!).
  4. The soap was SUPER easy to make.
  5. It would be very easy to dress the soap recipe up for gifts; it can be easily colored with clay or scented with EOs.
  6. It is much cheaper to make the soap at home, I know exactly what’s in it and it took less than one hour!

I will definitely make these soaps again.  I followed her instructions but changed the recipe a bit.  The recipe yielded about four pounds, a little over 60 ounces, of soap.

Simple Soap

Simple Soap Recipe:

Simple Soap – A few of the more interesting bars

How did we achieve the (not really but pictures are deceiving) uniform shape?  The hubby purchased pre-cut 2 ft, 2″ PVC pipe, threaded adapter and glued it onto the end, a flat end cap, and threaded end cap.  He drilled a hole in the threaded end cap and screwed in the air compressor fitting.  He ozoned the molds for two weeks, washed them out really well and gave them to me to make the soap.

PVC Mold