Quick Post: Safe, Corn-Free Beef

Quick post for you guys.  My butcher has about 6 beefs that will be ready at the end of August.  The cows are all grass-fed, no grain whatsoever and processed in a water only facility.  He does not ship.  I’m sorry.  This would be great for those individuals living in the Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi area.  If you’re up for a little drive (we drive over 10+hours to pick up our meat) this would be a perfect opportunity to get some safe beef.

The cost is $1.30/lb live weight.  Minimum order is 1/4 Beef.  Please send me an email cornfreelifestyle (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested.

Have a great night!

Last Day: KOL Corn Free Meat

Hey guys!  Quick post.  Today is the last day to order corn-free meat from KOL.  I’m pasting their email below.

100% Corn-free, Grass-fed Beef and Lamb. Order by June 13th!

If you have corn allergies, now is your moment to order.  Our corn-free products are running low – stocks will not be replenished until spring 2014!

Our animals eat a 100% corn-free diet, and no corn is present in the processing.  Healthy and pure by definition. And if you order for the year now, we can store it for you in our freezer and send it to you whenever you ask*.

Order by Thursday, June 13
Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, while supplies last.

How to Order:

  1. Place an order online
  2. During checkout, write, “Corn Allergy” in the comments box.
  3. For a year’s supply, contact us at info@kolfoods.com
Available Cuts:
Rib chops & racks
Shoulder chops & roasts
Flat Iron steaks
Petite medallions
Rib eye steaks & roasts
Minute steaks
Cowboy steaks & Butcher’s roast
Pepper steaks
Strip steaks
Packer cut brisket
Whole shoulder roast
Ground beef
Stew meat
Hot dogs, brats, kielbasa & merguez

*A $15 monthly storage fee applies.  Separate shipping charges will be applied to each shipment.

KOL Foods – Corn Free Meat

This is late and I am very sorry.  KOL Foods has corn-free meat available!  This is the meat that is usually available only during Passover and is company confirmed corn-free.  We now have a private source (email me if you’re interested and you live in the South-East), so we no longer mail order meat from KOL but we were doing fine with the meat two years ago.  If you are looking for corn-free / lactic acid wash free meat, KOL Foods might be an option for you and your family.

According to their website, KOL Foods will now have corn-free meat available year round.  I would really research this and speak with the company extensively before buying but it could possibly be another option for those looking for corn-free meat options year round.

There are special instructions to follow when ordering your meat.

  • Be sure to mark on your order “CORN ALLERGY-CORN FREE”
  • Any lamb is corn free, as well as the Grassland Range (GR) beef
  • The American Traditional (AT) beef is NOT CORN FREE (link)
  • This meat should be available through mid-April

Please read this thread from the Delphi Forum concerning KOL Foods for more information.  Many thanks for AGinPa for doing the leg work on KOL Foods this year and many thanks to KOL Foods for providing corn-free meat options to those who desperately need it!

**Someone mentioned on the Forum to email Leah@kolfoods.com with your order number and mention that you have a corn allergy as a safe guard against your order going awry.  Sounds like good advice to me!

KOL Foods Corn Free Lamb and Beef

I’m sorry for the late announcement but the KOL Foods Kosher for Passover (KFP) Corn-free lamb and beef is now available for purchase!  Here are the instructions for ordering safe lamb and beef.

100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb
+ Kosher for Passover
= 100% Corn-free Meat!

If you have corn allergies, now is your moment to order. No corn eaten by the animals, no corn in the processing. Healthy and pure by definition. Please follow the following steps when ordering:

  1. Place your order between March 1st and April 1st.
  2. Only order GR BeefLamb or Deli (GR Beef & Lamb only)
  3. At checkout, please leave this note in the FedEx comments box: “Corn-Free Order”
  4. Orders will begin to be shipped the week of March 5th. 

At KOL Foods we know our farmers and tell you the story of their animals. We are committed to kashrut, transparency, sustainability, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market.


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