Quick Post: Safe, Corn-Free Beef

Quick post for you guys.  My butcher has about 6 beefs that will be ready at the end of August.  The cows are all grass-fed, no grain whatsoever and processed in a water only facility.  He does not ship.  I’m sorry.  This would be great for those individuals living in the Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi area.  If you’re up for a little drive (we drive over 10+hours to pick up our meat) this would be a perfect opportunity to get some safe beef.

The cost is $1.30/lb live weight.  Minimum order is 1/4 Beef.  Please send me an email cornfreelifestyle (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested.

Have a great night!

KOL Foods Corn Free Lamb and Beef

I’m sorry for the late announcement but the KOL Foods Kosher for Passover (KFP) Corn-free lamb and beef is now available for purchase!  Here are the instructions for ordering safe lamb and beef.

100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb
+ Kosher for Passover
= 100% Corn-free Meat!

If you have corn allergies, now is your moment to order. No corn eaten by the animals, no corn in the processing. Healthy and pure by definition. Please follow the following steps when ordering:

  1. Place your order between March 1st and April 1st.
  2. Only order GR BeefLamb or Deli (GR Beef & Lamb only)
  3. At checkout, please leave this note in the FedEx comments box: “Corn-Free Order”
  4. Orders will begin to be shipped the week of March 5th. 

At KOL Foods we know our farmers and tell you the story of their animals. We are committed to kashrut, transparency, sustainability, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market.


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Potentially (OR NOT) Safe Beef From Facebook Group

We’re going to go with OR NOT.  Von just amended the Corn Free Food List and removed this beef provider. Amended January 30, 2012.

Original Post:  Von posted about this new potentially safe beef source on her Corn Allergy and Intolerance Facebook group.  She also included a blog post about it on her Corn Free Foods (& Products) List.  I have not tried this beef but I wanted to help spread the word.  “The beef is entirely grass-fed, and processed in their own processing plant using only water to wash the meat. The packaging has been checked and is corn-free as well.”  It is also available on multiple Whole Foods locations (in specific states) and can be ordered online.

Here is Von’s blog post:  http://networkedblogs.com/sJn2A

Here is the website for teh actual farm:  http://www.americangrassfedbeef.com/

UPDATE FROM DELPHI, January 30, 2012:

Information obtained by Cornscornin:

I called the Rain Crow processing plant today for more information. The USDA requires all meat to be washed in a 2% lactic acid wash, so I kinda wondered… Here’s what they do: they hot water wash it, then dip in lactic acid wash, which is left on for 24 hours. They then wash it again in a 3rd wash. So, hopefully all the lactic acid has been washed away. This is their product available commercially. It is very possible that the third wash will make this meat a ok- would love to hear from anyone who has tried it!!


They can and will custom process their meats for you with no lactic acid and they will also wrap it in freezer wrap instead of cryopack (she knew thought cryopacks were corn starch dusted). They have all the prices on their website, but 1/4 or 100 lbs shipped to your home is $699. You need to write in the special comments on the online order form to prepare without lactic acid and in the freezer wrap. I’m going to put up a separate post on this in a bit. Hope it helps!

KOL Kosher for Passover Beef and Lamb

I emailed KOL this morning and received a reply from Lisa (almost immediately I might add!).  The butcher is scheduled to make the small changes necessary to ensure that the beef and lamb are corn free and Kosher for Passover by mid-February 2012.  Lisa is adding me to the corn-free list (I thought I was on it but it never hurts to be re-added) and I will be notified as soon as the changes are made and the meat is available.  I’m so excited!  I will definitely keep you all posted!

“To Sir with Love”: Instructions for the Butcher

If singing the aforementioned song would ensure the edibility and allergy safe status of our beef, I would don ’70s apparel and belt it out.

Our 100% grass fed/finished cow is at the Butcher’s.  It has been slaughtered and it is currently hanging. It may sound exceptionally silly to someone without a corn allergy, but I have been praying for that meat.  I have been praying that the butcher will adhere to our instructions and not add anything to the process that would inadvertently render our $1200 meat inedible.  That’s A LOT of money to me.  These are the instructions I sent to the butcher. I wanted to share them with you guys.  Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or additions.  I’m always open to suggestions, I may not have thought of something, and your comments might really help someone else.

Quick update, the Butcher just phoned this morning (Tuesday morning) to ask how long I wanted the carcass to hang.  My response was 10 days.  They were also able to track down a possible source of contamination on the sample of beef from the farmer; the vegetable oil used on the equipment.  She is going to make a note not to use any vegetable oil (on machines, cutting surfaces or any surfaces that touch my meat) the morning of my processing.  I am not having any beef ground.  I fear the possibility of contamination when the same meat meets too many hands and surfaces.  My cuts will be round roast, roast, stew meat and steak.  They will not use any gloves unless they have a cut on their hands.  At that point that will latex-free, powder-free Nitrile gloves.  They will be using waxed (polyethylene, non-plant source) butcher paper to wrap my meat.  No vacuum sealed bags.

SO much goes into locating safe food for my family.  I hope this post is helpful for those of you needing to find safe beef.  One more thing….I don’t know if we can eat beef or if we’re allergic.  Some things you just have to chance, I suppose.

Instructions for Processing Half a Cow for Individuals with Severe Food, Derivative/Chemical and Latex Allergies

1. Please process cow/meat first thing before processing any other cows/meat. Please complete processing without starting other cows/meat. Cross contamination issue.

2. Spray down machines, flat surfaces, or tools to be used to slaughter/butcher cow with water before processing. Hopefully this will remove residue of any other animal or cleaner.

3. Please use only water when processing cow/meat (carcass wash). Do not use water solution of bleach or chlorine. Derivative Allergy.

4. Please use powder free, latex free gloves provided to process cow/meat. Latex Allergy and Derivative Allergy.

5. Use only water to clean/process cow (carcass wash). DO NOT USE salt, vinegar, brine, citric acid, lactic acid or any type of cleaner on cow/meat. Derivative allergy.

6. When hanging/aging do not use any spray or brine on cow/meat (other than water).

7. Please NO contact with other meat.

8. Please DO NOT use soaker pads or cardboard containers.

9. Please DO NOT stamp the meat. Derivative allergy to stamp ingredients.

10. Use butcher paper to package meat, DO NOT use vacuum bags. Derivative allergy.

11. Please call Erica (include your number)  if you have any questions.  Again, severe allergies in mother and toddler to food, latex and derivatives (i.e. citric acid, lactic acid, vinegar, corn starch, latex). Thank you so much for your help, this is a large investment for us and we’re really praying it works out.

Jan 2012 Update:  Evrn with the instructions, the beef was contaminated.  We did eventually find a safe source.

KOL Foods should have safe beef and lamb soon. (I reacted to the ground beef – GR.  I didn’t try the AT beef)

Here’s another safe beef source (I have not tried this meat).