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After figuring out that many grains and other foods were trying to kill me, I devoted my time to researching foods, calling and emailing companies and trying not to have allergic reactions (now, we are adding healing into the equation).  Before doing this, I didn’t realize I was still poisoning myself by using my “tried and true” personal care products.  Corn allergy can be overwhelming at the beginning (and in the middle) but there are safe products available.

My daughter and I are very sensitive to corn and corn derivatives, even in small amounts and even if “the protein has been refined out of the product.”  Below were my “go-to” products before I began making my own.  They have all been confirmed corn-free through multiple emails and phone calls with different companies during the years of 2010-2012.  You will want to email the companies to confirm their current status.  Most of these products were also gluten/wheat free, dairy/casein free, rice free, soy free, egg free, BPA free, chemical free, fragrance free, etc.


I make my own deodorant (when I wear any…).  Are you surprised?  I was unable to find a commercial deodorant that worked for me.  Currently, we are avoiding coconut oil (unless we use it to make soap) so I would substitute olive oil in the place of coconut oil in the recipes.  Please share in the comments sections below, if you have a been able to find a pre-made deodorant works for you!


Lately, Yipi and I have been using filtered water and a little homemade soap OR straight organic EVOO as our toothpaste.  It seems to be going very well for us and we are not reacting.  If I notice any build up on my teeth, I will use a small amount of baking soda with a drop or two of olive oil to gently brush.  Works like a charm.  Other corn-avoiders are having luck using the products listed below (email the companies before trying each product to verify the safety of the ingredients).  We do have a few bottles of  Toothsoap lying around the house that we occasionally use.


Toothbrush/Dental Floss

Dental floss is usually coated in wax, the wax is usually derived from corn.  This isn’t always the case, good luck at getting the information from the company.  I decided to buy POH after much discussion on the Delphi: Avoiding Corn Forum.  The toothbrushes do a great job to get my teeth clean and they don’t cause any pain, HUGE plus for me!  The stiffness ranges from super soft to “sweet giblets” firm.  The toothbrushes and floss are extremely affordable, as low as $1.00 per toothbrush, and the shipping is not ridiculous… and the colors are purty too!


Shampoo / Soap

We’ve been using my Simple Soap recipe as a shampoo and soap and we love it.  It is not drying and does a good job of cleaning and cleansing my hair.  I was using the following routine but started to react to the flax seed gel:

In the past I used the Earth Friendly Dishmate as Yipi’s shampoo, but I’ve found it to be a bit drying, also we have begun to react to smelling the Earth Friendly Dishmate.  I now use the Simple Soap as her shampoo.  Some corn-avoiders use the shampoo from GFSoap and others use the bar shampoo from Tropical Traditions.  I believe some individuals are using the KissMyFace Olive oil soap, however I’m not sure if they are using it as shampoo.  The olive oil soap by Bariani is corn-free but a little slimy (in my opinion), the only hitch is the wrapping paper.  It may be biodegradable which usually means corn.


Making soap is rewarding:

  • It’s a very easy process
  • It is substantially cheaper than anything I can purchase via mail order or in store
  • And it is safer than anything I can purchase in store.  I control the ingredients.

The Simple Soap recipe is by far the easiest recipe to make and is a better soap than my first attempt of making soap.  I definitely prefer cold process over hot.  Making liquid soap is equally just as easy.  I will post a recipe for liquid soap very soon!


We were using the conditioner from but I discontinued using it because it was too expensive.  I do not think we reacted to it at the time I discontinued use.  Now I just use a little olive oil and make sure to include a lot of healthy fats in my diet.  This has helping tremendously in the dry hair/scalp front.  I have a recipe on the blog for conditioner.  Don’t. Do. It.  There’s your warning.

Leave/in Conditioner

When I use leave-in conditioner (which is a very rare occurrence , I mix filtered water, Jojoba oil and an essential oil.  It keeps my hair from becoming overly dry throughout the day.

Styling Pomade/Cream

We no longer use what is listed below.  We simply use olive oil as we began reacting to shea, coconut oil, flax seed and aloe vera juice (I know…crazy!).

I blend shea butter (gfsoap), coconut oil (tropical traditions-gold standard), jojoba oilaloe vera juice, and flax seed hair gel (flax seed from MRH)  together to create my styling pomade/cream.  This is definitely for thicker hair.  It works really well.  For thinner hair, you can also use a little jojoba oil if you have curly hair that is a bit frizzy.  It will help to tame it.


We no longer use what is listed below.  We simply use olive oil.

Shea butter and jojoba oil can also be used as lotion.  Shea butter, by itself is quite heavy and should probably be applied at night.  Jojoba oil absorbs into the skin quickly and can be used during the day.  Make sure you find a jojoba oil that does not use a de-gummer in the manufacturing process.  Other corn-avoiders are having luck using the follow products (email the companies before trying each product to verify the safety of the ingredients):


Hand Soap

All of the handsoaps available for purchase at Walmart, Publix, Kroger, etc. have corn derivatives or chemicals, or both in them.  We were using the pump handsoap from Tropical Traditions, but decided to make our own.  I will be posting our liquid soap recipe soon.  Gluten Free Savonniere (GFSoap) has a hand soap but I do not tolerate castor oil at the moment.


Make Up

I don’t wear make up often, my little Yipiyuk would lick it off….ewww… and I am sure I would react to it.  Whenever I become brave and a bit healthier, I will attempt to use the products by Bellaphoria and Signature Minerals.  Read the ingredients.  Not all are safe.

Sanitary Napkins (Men stop reading….that’s your only warning)

This maybe TMI, but it needs to be said.  I can’t used paper napkins or tampons.  It.  Ends.  Badly.  So, I use cloth pads.  Here are a few websites to check out, if you want to know my symptoms and why then shoot me an email.  I’ll tell ya!

Paper products

We opt for organic cotton towels instead of toilet paper.  Most toilet paper using corn derivatives in the manufacturing process and are also covered in a thin layer of corn starch to prevent sticking (or whatever they claim). This is the last area I want to rub corn.  Some corn-avoiders have found TP that works for them.  Here is a discussion from Delphi.

19 thoughts on “Personal Care Products

    • I ordered both but never tried the Tooth Builder. I only inquired about the Squigle and was not brave enough to guinea pig the Tooth Builder. The company was receptive to questions back in November 2010. You could try giving them a call. I left a message for the chemist and he returned my call within 48 hours.

      On a related note, my husband used the Tooth Builder but liked the Squigle better.

  1. I have corn and soy allergies and have been using afterglow cosmetics for make up. I really like them a lot and noticed a big improvement in my skin. Great site!! 🙂

    • Hi Francis,

      Thanks for commenting. It’s always good to have a new company to investigate. I’ll look more into the products and email the company. At first glance, I wouldn’t necessarily say these are corn free. Extractions are notoriously corny in manufacturing and processing and the mineral foundations have extractions in the ingredients list. The concealer has glycerin, stearic acid, xanthan gum and extraction. To my knowledge, ALL xanthan gum is fermented on corn.

      I’ll email them but the odds of them being completely corn free are minimal at best.

  2. I was just looking up the TT hand soap you buy and saw your comment on makeup. I have only tried the eye shadow with this company but I have had no reactions that I’ve noticed. They seem to have a nice range of colors both in mineral foundation and shadows and ingredients look to be very similar to Bellaphoria, so it might be worth looking into…?

  3. Fab resource, thanks Erica. Have just become sensitive to my one and only cream after they changed the ingredients and struggling to find a replacement. Guess it’s just jojoba oil for me then 😦

    • Blargh! I hate when that happens. We’ve been using rendered tallow and olive oil. I feel like I’m cooking myself and Yipi but it works and the tallow really helps with any rashes or eczema outbreaks. You know about the de-gummers used in jojoba oil, not sure if it is the same in the UK as it is in the US but I wanted to mention that, just in case. Hopefully you can find something soon. I’m sure you can come up with something in the kitchen and it might even be good for your patients. Just a thought. Have a great day!

      • Hope so, Erica, thanks. Not aware of the gumming issue – I generally only buy aromatherapy quality oils, do you think it would be an issue with those or is it more commercial oils? I ordered some borax today to try and make an old fashioned cold cream – I’ll let you know how I get on!

  4. I looked up Vita-myrrh and Squigle toothpaste and both say they have xylitol. Xylitol can be made from hardwood or corn. 😦

    • Yes, Xylitol can be. Squigle is company confirmed to never be sourced from corn. You should call them and speak with the chemist. I would suggest that you also call Vita-myr and do the same. Always call a company before trying a product…or condemning it 😉

      • Thanks so much for clarifying. I am new to this. I have been gluten-free for years and thought that was a challenge. Then about a month and a half ago I gained some perspective when my son was diagnosed with wheat/gluten, peanuts/nuts, soy, eggs and corn! So far I think I have eliminated everything from his diet and now I’m working on personal care products and household cleaners. I say “I think” because just today I found two things that I thought were ok and aren’t. So far my experience is that companies either take forever to respond to your questions about the ingredients in their products or give you non-answers like “citric acid is from citrus fruits.” Thanks for your help.

      • Companies are known for being less than helpful… it is very frustrating. I usually call, email and call again. By doing this, I speak with three different people and get three different responses. Somewhere in all of the responses lies the corny truth. I think you’re doing a great job! It’s a long process with a very steep learning curve. Let me know if I can help in any way. At this point, I just make a liquid soap using, Potassium Hydroxide, filtered water and a safe oil and we use that on our teeth or we just use straight olive oil.

  5. Everyday Shea has a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, both very nice, both confirmed to be corn-free and gluten-free. I can buy it at Whole Foods and at HEB (in Texas).

  6. Everyday Shea’s shampoo has decyl polyglucose in it – that’s a corn-based cleansing agent. I wish it was corn-free, it’s a great shampoo but gives me a rash!

  7. i just want you to know your website is a God send! i have known i had a sensitivity to high fructose corn syrup for about 10 years – but back then i went to numerous doctors etc and they all said the same thing – you aren’t allergic – so just stay away from it – well needless to say, i didn’t realize corn is in everything!!!
    so this past spring, i have started having all kinds of health issues, and since the end of august (did a fast) i have been reacting to everything – literally 😦
    i take your list to the stores with me to try to find foods to eat – it has been crazy.
    but the reason for my post – i bought most of the items to make your simple soap today 🙂 but i can’t have coconut oil…can i make it with the shea and replace the coconut with olive oil? i also can’t tolerate jojoba oil….or any other oil so far 😦 not even flax seed…..
    i have a list of 9 items i can tolerate, including foods…so it is very hard here….any advice is appreciated 🙂
    instead of investing in pvc and taking the chance of cleaning it – can i use a solid plastic loaf like pan and line it with something to be able to lift the soap out once it is dried ? if so what can i line it with ? wax paper ?
    thank you for your help! and all the time you devote to providing us with a list we can use in the middle of our craziness :):)

    • You can substitute any oil you want! Use this lye calculator to determine just how much olive oil to use: Use any container you want. I’ve actually switched to using unbleached parchment lined stainless steel container (it’s rectangular). I pour the soap in there, shake it to somewhat flatten, and sit it in the freezer. Let me know if you need any help!

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