6 thoughts on “Nefarious Ingredients to Avoid

  1. I am new to corn allergy, also am gluten free, I wonder do you have an meal ideas? I am just stunned and at a loss, but feel SO much better after being off corn. Though I have had a few slip ups and can tell that day within a few minutes. The rest of my allergies are pretty easy to avoid, but corn seems to be in EVERYTHING. I am also allergic to
    red apples
    sweet potato


    • Hi Moe,

      It seems we have similar allergies, meaning I’m allergic to all of the other foods you listed…and more. These are some of the recipes I regularly make: https://cornfreelifestyle.wordpress.com/corn-free-food-recipes/

      For simple meals I also cook Eden Organic beans with Redmond’s real salt and Colman’s powdered mustard, safe veggies, and mung bean noodles. Here are the foods in my home: https://cornfreelifestyle.wordpress.com/in-the-pantry/

      The list is limited but we are doing well. We built a cold frame last fall which has given us fresh veggies all winter. You will want to find a source of safe uncontaminated meat. KOLFoods has their corn-free beef and lamb that’s Kosher for Passover in stock for the remainder of the month. You may want to check them out. Here’s the protocol for ordering safe, non-corn processed (lactic acid washes/baths, citric acid washes, contaminated vinegar washes) beef and lamb:

      100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb
      + Kosher for Passover
      = 100% Corn-free Meat!

      If you have corn allergies, now is your moment to order. No corn eaten by the animals, no corn in the processing. Healthy and pure by definition. Please follow the following steps when ordering:

      Place your order between March 1st and April 1st.
      Only order GR Beef, Lamb or Deli (GR Beef & Lamb only)
      At checkout, please leave this note in the FedEx comments box: “Corn-Free Order”
      Orders will begin to be shipped the week of March 5th.
      At KOL Foods we know our farmers and tell you the story of their animals. We are committed to kashrut, transparency, sustainability, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market.


  2. I bought some Mung Bean noodles, but can’t figure out how to cook them, the instructions are not in english. I have on hand

    Erawan brand Oriental style noodle banh pho contains rice flour and water.

    Lungkow Vermicelli Bean Thread Green Mung Bean and Water

    Bean Thread Mung Bean starch, water, potato starch from Hsin Chuan Chinese Noodle Factory

    I’ve tried cooking them like regular noodles and they were terrible. Any tips? I’ve used the Rice stix noodles and just soaked them in hot water and they were great, these Mung bean ones I just can’t seem to get them right.
    Thank you for the ideas for meat. We raise our own chickens so I just needed beef info.

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