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After figuring out many grains and other foods were trying to kill me, I devoted my time to researching foods, calling and emailing companies and trying not to have allergic reactions.  I didn’t realize I was still poisoning myself by using my “tried and true” personal care products.  I know now and “knowing is half the battle” according to GI Joe.

This is what I wrote on my Personal Care page….  I was able to get the personal care items under control but I was still reacting.  My persistent reactions included migraine, runny nose, runny eyes, eczema, stuffy nose, sore throat, weird swelling, exhaustion, odd pains in odd places, rash, itchiness, acne, etc.  So, I began looking at my household cleaning items.  Corn was in everything!  I remember standing in my kitchen and saying, “Really?  REALLY?!”  My eye may have twitched a little bit.

I am hyper-sensitive to corn and corn derivatives, even in small amounts and even if “the protein has been refined out of the product.”  Below are my new “go-to” products.  They have all be confirmed corn-free through multiple emails and phone calls with different companies.  Most of these products are also gluten/wheat free, dairy/casein free, rice free, soy free, egg free, BPA free, chemical free, fragrance free, etc.

Paper Products (tissue, paper towels, sanitary napkins, kleenex, tampons, etc.)

You will notice a lack of paper products in this list.  I do not tolerate paper products well including tissue paper, facial tissues, sanitary napkins, tampons, etc.  So many paper products utilize corn starch in the production process, it makes it absolutely impossible to find a safe paper source.  I don’t know about you, but some of my parts are too sensitive for corn-tamination.

“It is estimated that about 5 million tons of starch are currently used by the world paper industry, that is about 1.5% starch by weight including all grades of paper and paperboard. The use of modified starches is more common in the United States where modified starches are not only used to achieve higher productivity, but also higher paper quality. For example in 2004, of all the corn-based starch used by the paper industry in the United States, 76% was modified, according to data obtained from the Corn Refiners Association. Corn-based starches are estimated to account for more than 95% of all starch utilization by the paper industry in the United States. Modified cornstarch consumption grew by 14% in 2004 over 2003 whereas native cornstarch consumption declined by 10.5% for the same time period. Including starches based on other raw materials, the share of modified paper starches in the United States would be even higher than 76%. In fact of all modified cornstarch shipped by the members of the Corn Refiners Association, 66% went into paper manufacturing. Thus, papermaking is the largest modified starch application of all applications in the United States.”  Ashok Kumar Mishra  –

Dish Detergent

Earth Friendly Dish Soap.  I really like this dish soap.  It cleans well and is easy on my hands.  I use it for bubble bath also.

Some corn allergic individuals have begun using Dishwasher powdered soap.  I have not tried any of the products nor have I inquired as to the corn-free status with any of the companies.  So, no picture and no link to any particular product.  You can go to the Delphi Forum and review the discussion for yourself.

Laundry Detergent / Boosting Agent

Charlie’s Soap (coconut based cleaner).  We no longer use Charlie’s soap.  The smell makes my throat burn and itch.  Use at your own discretion.

I recently switched to the borax powder offered from Mountain Rose Herbs.  I am in love.  This is a laundry booster and all purpose cleaner.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar.  I no longer use this however it is used with great success by other corn allergic individuals.  There has been discussion on the Delphi Avoiding Corn Forum that the company has switched to a different glue on the seal.  Some individuals have reported reaction.

Frontier Baking Soda.  I use baking soda in cooking cleaning, and also in my tooth powder.  Some corn allergic individuals do fine with Arm and Hammer baking soda.  We did not.  Mountain Rose Herbs sells a baking soda that I will be trialing soon.

Liquid Hand Soap

This is a fragrance free coconut based hand soap from Tropical Traditions.  It works well and rinses clean.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a great All Purpose cleaner, it even cleans glass.  Buy it in bulk from any store, just make sure no other ingredients are added.

6 thoughts on “Household Products

  1. Hi. I was wondering if you have an email address so I could email you a few questions? They are regarding my daughter who is 4 and has a severe corn allergy. Thanks So Much, Kate

  2. Thanks Erica, I found much of this information informative. I have a long list of allergies – soy and corn among the most severe and hardest to stamp out of my life. (I’m one of those people who’s ‘allergic to everything.’) I use DISHMATE Free & Clear, not the ones containing fragrance… Also, I use KIRKLAND (Costco) paper products – Kirkland paper towels, bathroom and facial tissue. They’re made only from trees and contain no corn or soy derivatives whatsoever… I stopped using Hain’s FEATHERWEIGHT baking powder as it is confirmed to contain trace amounts of corn. I use cream of tartar + Arm & Hammer baking soda, which works even better than Featherweight. Still searching for a non-allergenic laundry detergent. I tried the Ivory brand, but it ruined many of my clothes with discoloration spots. Hope this helps! – Lisa (NYC)

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