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My little one has my same allergies.  It breaks my heart.  I prayed the entire pregnancy that she would be my miracle baby.  She wouldn’t have ANY of my allergies or my husband’s allergies.  She has all of them.  She’s an overachiever!  Anywho.  It’s been a very steep learning curve, with lots of tears, pain, anger and resentment to hidden allergens….BUT we’re overcoming the allergies one homemade item at a time!  I try to only use organic products that have had minimal processing.

Baby Diapers

ALL OF THE COMMERCIAL, DISPOSABLE BABY DIAPERS AND WIPES HAVE CORN IN THEM!!!!!  The Seventh Generation diapers are supposedly corn free but I’m not convinced.  Also, a lot of the commercial diapers have latex.  Be Careful!!!  I buy the Yipiyuk 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton Diapers from Green Mountain Diapers.  I purchase her LATEX-FREE diaper covers from Kawaii Diaper Covers.  She had a terrible rash, bright red hoo-ha area, and a horrible yeast-like diaper rash.  If latex touches her skin then the raised, yeast rashes flare again.


I use small cotton towels in a wipe warmer (let the wipe warmer air out for a few days, the plastic stinks).  I make her wipe water and pour it over the wipes.  There are no allergy safe wipes, even the hypoallergenic wipes contain corn.   Here’s the Recipe (Thanks Shannon!), store the left over in the fridge.  I have a travel wipe warmer for trips.

Updated Baby Wipe Water Recipe

Baby Booty Paste

UPDATE:  Booty Paste for Severe Rash/Blisters/Swelling caused by Allergic Reactions

I could not find any butt paste or rash cream that was corn free, gluten free, wheat free, soy free, etc.  I decided to make my own when her yeast rash went Gangsta on her booty.  It was during the “mommy didn’t realize the baby was allergic to latex as well” phase of this allergy mishigas.  Here’s the recipe, essential oils have medicinal uses:

  • Bowl full of shea butter (GFSoap – pre-whipped)
  • Organic Jojoba oil for consistency
  • smidgen of Zinc oxide (Amazon)
  • 4 drops of Tea tree essential oil
  • 4 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 8 drops of Peppermint essential oil
  • Blend together with a hand blender

Baby Powder

I make her baby powder, of course.  I use 19 parts Arrowroot Powder (Mountain Rose Herb) and 1 part Zinc Oxide (Essential Depot).

The Complete Potty Pail System (we made our own)


Here is the toothbrush I was using for the Yipiyuk.  They are latex free.

Toothbrush I currently use for the Yipiyuk is by POH.  I alternate between #5 (Adult Soft) and #8 (Junior)

Toiletry (Soap, Lotion, Hair Care, etc) Items

All of our toiletry items are on the Personal Care Products Page.  If you have any specific questions about toiletry items please comment below.


I shop for 100% Organic cotton clothing as much as possible.  I’m going to start keeping a tab of everywhere I shop and I’ll update this site as I go.  Please be aware that a lot of clothing companies use latex in their elastic.

I just ordered 100%, organic, unbleached cotton, latex free undies and lounge pants from Cottonique.  I’m going to experiment on myself before experimenting with new clothes for the Yipiyuk.

I plan to order a few skirts, pants and undies from Cottonfield USA.  I will update here as soon as I place/receive my first purchase.

UPDATE:  I ordered undies from Cottonfield USA and I love them.  They are uber soft and they don’t make me hurt at all.


Many companies are beginning to use bioplastics and latex in the production/manufacturing of toys.  This is not a good thing for the corn and latex allergic.  Here is a list of common items in the hospital, home, and community that contain Latex.

I replaced the Yipiyuk’s latex balls with Oballs.  She LOVES them!  They would be great for all latex allergic and non-latex allergic kids.  They are so much fun.  She can easily grab, throw, spin, and roll them with her pudgy little fingers.

Teething rings.  The Yipiyuk loved her old teething ring; unfortunately they were made from latex and started to cause reactions.   I ordered safe, latex free teethers.  She still plays with them to this day (almost 27 months).  She LOVES them!

Fisher Price, Little Tykes seem to be working well.  They are supposedly latex free.  I have not checked with the company directly.

21 thoughts on “Baby Products

  1. Great site, Erica. What do you use for gas relief on your daughter? I was using Baby Bliss since my son was a newborn until he was no longer needed (after he’s gone on corn free diet). But recently somebody pointed out that Baby Bliss is NOT corn free. I didn’t know this and still not sure why it was the only product that worked on him at the time.

    • My daughter no longer has a need for gas relief now that her diet, environment, and personal care products are allergen free. When everything was still contaminated we tried the gripe water. It did help the gas, as much as we could tell from her outward discomfort, but we noticed other issues. An odd rash, eczema, rough/dry alligator looking skin, mood changes, increased vomiting, bright red ring around her ears and anus….etc. I didn’t know it was corny at the time either and I was surprised it “worked.” I know now that it was causing more hurt than good, despite me thinking that it was working. I just could no longer see her tummy discomfort.

      Thank you for the compliment, by the way! We are actually about to start giving her a tiny bit of probiotic in her nighttime bottle (breastmilk), only a tiny amount for now every other day.

      • What probiotics are you giving her? I’m looking for one for my son too. I wanna up his immune system. I remember you recommended one before but it needs to be refridgerated… afraid it will spoil in the mail. I need to wait until temperature (in TX) gets cooler to order some.

      • I plan to give her the Custom Probiotic Six Strain using the children’s scooper (only a tiny bit at first). I’m still nursing my daughter to try to help build her immune system. Now that I’m healthier I see a marked improvement in her and in my quality of milk. I had the probiotic overnighted and they packaged it with an ice pack in a mini-cooler. I was also afraid it was going to spoil, it’s too expensive to go bad so I paid a little extra to get it shipped faster. I know what you mean about hot days in the South.

  2. Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes are corn free and wonderful. They are 90% natural and have very soothing ingredients. Nice alternative than making your own when you a corn intolerant baby. We love them. Sometimes hard to find…You can get them online.

    • Looking at the ingredient list these do not look corn free. Did you email the company to determine the source of the Polysorbate 20, Vegetable Glycerin, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Potassium Sorbate, or Citric Acid? These ingredients are notoriously corny. It is awesome if it works for you, but it would be remiss to say these are corn free without researching the suspect ingredients.

  3. I have had great luck with dispatching yeasty looking allergy diaper rashes by using just straight yarrow oil. I make my own by getting the yarrow herb in bulk and putting it in olive oil (any safe oil would work – the ones I have found online so far use wheat germ oil, so they are out). Be sure there is 1 inch more oil than there is herb in the canning jar and let it sit for about 6 weeks in a sunny place – give it a shake every now and then. You could also do the same amounts of oil and herb, then put it in a saucepan and cook it on the lowest possible heat for 1-3 hours, then let it cool and strain it. I just use a few drops when a rash starts and it is usually gone very quickly (within a day most of the time, 2-3 if it is really bad and bleeding). You can find similar instructions on Mountain Rose Herbs site for making herbal oils. The nice thing about Yarrow is that in addition to helping heal the rash and fighting yeast, it also helps to encourage clotting, so if you have a wound that isn’t coagulating very well, yarrow oil might help. It is very easy to make and is the best diaper rash remedy I have found so far. It also helps if you add a little to some other personal product recipe. I recently started making my own lip balm. I put a little Yarrow oil in place of some of the olive oil in the recipe and it works wonderfully to fight off chapped lips.

  4. I found some instructions for herbal oils at – they are about halfway down the page. The instructions I gave differ a little, but my instructions are for making a medicinal oil, not just a flavored oil for culinary purposes. I hope the Yarrow helps! It works great for us here.

    By the way, thank you so much for sharing your story and all the things you have found that are”corny”. It is so difficult to avoid corn and even figure out where to start looking most of the time. I really appreciate it and so do my two young kiddos!

    • You’re welcome! This blog was actually started to help my hubby care for the Yipiyuk. I had to make too many things and I couldn’t expect him to memorize everything. I could barely remember everything! =)

      Check the other link I posted above for the MRH (Mountain Rose Herbs) medicinal herbal infusions and decoctions. MRH’s blog is full of great ideas. Do you have a blog?

      • No, I don’t have a blog yet. Some day, perhaps. Blogging is a great idea for organizing the recipes and ideas. I’ll have to think about that and try to find the time. However, I have three active boys at home and two of them have aspergers, so…that might not happen too soon. Thanks again!

  5. Hi, I am doing research on latex allergies and your site came up, Before I got here, I researched many sites that said to avoid shea butter because it was related to the trees that are used in latex. Any feedback on that, I noticed that you used shea in your cream.

  6. Maybe you could give Simply Soothing Rash Cream by Renee Harris of MadeOn Hardlotions.

    It only has 3 ingredients in it coconut oil, bees wax and zinc oxide. It should be a lot cheaper to buy than having to buy a ton of ingredients to mix together yourself. And it would be giving business to a great home based company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their products!! I just stocked up for the the Fall/Winter. They also have a great bugblock bar, but you’d have to hurry to order that because she only has 8 left and doesn’t keep making it all year. They also make goat’s milk soap that has helped many people with skin issues. All of their products have very few ingredients. Check out the reviews and see all the wonderful testimonies. I mainly use all their products for moisturization (lip balm, hard lotion Bee Silk, the softer version Bee Silk Jr., BugBlock and Simply Soothing Rash Cream). For soaps I use Dr. Bronner’s but I know you can’t because of the citric acid and maybe other ingredients, but they don’t bother me.

    It seems to me as long as your baby doesn’t currently have a rash, just using a nice soft warm wash cloth should work fine and is infinitely cheaper than buying expensive ingredients to make up wipes. You can also mix up a little spray bottle of mostly water and 4 drops of tea tree oil and a few drops of any other essential oils you want. I just believe less is more. (= Anyhow, I hope this helps!

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the comment. My baby is not a baby-baby anymore. It’s actually cheaper for me to buy ingredients and to make things myself. I know that sounds odd but in the end I make a lot more usable items out of the ingredients that I purchase. I can make a bar of soap for 10cents and lotion for about the same amount. Also…we can’t do bees wax. This company might work for some other individuals with different sensitivities. Of course, always research cleaners and processing methods for everything that you purchase from every company; even though the ingredients are simple, you never know what else is involved in the manufacturing process of the item (another good reason to make things yourself, especially with corn allergy).

  7. Peppermint/mint family can irritate latex allergy. I was a premie 27 week baby in my 30’s and have many allergies especially latex it’s amazing the foods and natural products that have latex or when together can flair latex reaction please email me if you have any questions. Have a great day

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