Small Success

This post is about poop, toddler poop…but poop nonetheless.  Stop reading now if the topic is not your cup of tea.

Still with me?  Ok.  Let’s continue.

Refresher:  April 2012, Yipi started to have bowel movements that including whole, undigested food.  It looked the same, completely untouched by any stomach acid.  Red flag.  Something was going wrong.  We already knew we had food issues, we already knew we had chemical/fume issues…but now she couldn’t digest her food.   This became increasing worse ALL of Summer 2012.  By August 2012 she was extremely constipated.  I was trying to massage her stomach, do the bicycle legs on her, having her up and running around wasn’t an option because she couldn’t walk…how would she run?  I was, at the time, terrified of enemas so I thought that was out of the questions (now…enemas and me an BFF).  So it just got worse, she was recycling toxins ALL of the time and the next thing I knew she started to rip her hair out, in huge chunks.  It was awful.  I was lost.  It continued this way and became progressively worse by December 2012.  At this point, we were safely eating beef and broccoli.  I decided we would start the GAPS Diet in January 2013 (I had nowhere else to turn), so I gave myself all of December to get ready (I still wasn’t prepared but we started with the help of the Moms on the GAPS Kids group on Facebook).  I read the book, read blogs, made lists, made sure we had enough beef and jumped in head first.

I’m so glad that we did.  We are doing a lot to get to healthy.  I will be writing a post in September about all of the healing things we’ve included in our lives since January 2013.  They are working.  So very thankful.

Now, back to present and our recent success.  Poop!  Have you guys seen this poop chart?  Click over, I decided to link it instead of posting the image (you’re welcome).  I have this chart saved to my computer.  It has been my prayer all year that Yipi would make it to #4.  Well, the last three days she has had absolutely beautiful poop.  Yes, I’ve taken pictures.  No.  I won’t share them.  😉  I’m just so thankful that we’ve turned a huge corner.  She is actually digesting her food, she is actually getting nutrients from her food, she is actually growing and thriving.  I shared the following picture on my personal Facebook page.  It’s a side-by-side of Yipi April 2012 and Yipi April 2013.  I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote along with the picture (though I will blur her face).  She really is doing tremendously better with all of the changes we’ve made.  We still have a ways to go but I can actually see healing now.

I am so thankful for the GAPS diet, all of your prayers, and all of the alternative practitioners that haven’t given up on us and that are continuing to try to help us navigate our way through this valley.

The picture on the left is Yipi, April 2012. She was so malnourished, not gaining weight and she couldn’t walk…couldn’t even stand on her own and had difficulty pulling up to stand behind a push toy, walking wasn’t an option. She cried out in pain. So many things were going wrong, so very quickly. It was heart breaking. Every month we took more and more foods out of both of our diets until we were down to beef and broccoli…and milk for Yipi.

The picture on the right is of Yipi, April 2013; four months into the GAPS diet. HUGE difference. We started the GAPS diet January 2013 because…I had nowhere else to turn. I’m so thankful for GAPS. It was exactly what we needed to get us going in the correct direction. Yipi started to actually get nutrition from her food. My ability to think began to return and I was able to start researching doctors again. The doctor I picked hasn’t been that helpful, but she did put me in touch with other people who have been and she’s pointed me in directions on which I’d given up; allowing me to meet other practitioners who have been very helpful for Yipi and me. Yipi is now walking, running (her version), jumping (again…her version) and climbing stairs like a champ.

We are doing a lot to heal in addition to the GAPS diet. Healing is going to take a while, probably a lot longer than I want, but it is going to happen. We are finally making baby steps in the correct direction.

Yipi April 2012 vs April 2013


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