It’s Saturday!

I hope everyone’s doing well!  Today is Saturday and you know what that means….Farmers Market time!  Get up and get out!

I trust everyone has found a safe source for locally grown (corn/pesticide/herbicide free) food and if you haven’t, the Farmers Market is the perfect place to meet/interrogate farmers.  Get out, ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask the wrong questions and don’t be afraid of rejection/angry farmers (those are the ones you want to avoid anyway).  Let me know if you need any help with developing questions!  Good luck, save for winter and be healthy (as healthy as possible).

Oh, and don’t forget your mask!  Some Markets have taken to making popcorn or other corny foods that can effect some of us.  Wear your mask or get there before the popping starts.


2 thoughts on “It’s Saturday!

  1. My farmers’ market also has a generator that they use to power.. um, something. Not sure what actually. But I catch a whiff of the ethanol fumes when I am downwind and it makes me dizzy/makes my lips and tongue burn. 😦

    • That sucks, man. That really sucks. I haven’t been to my Farmer’s Market in years (hubs goes for me). I’m looking forward to being able to go to our safe farm again, thankfully they keep things pretty low key and fume free. I have a friend who has to deal with popcorn at her Farmer’s Market. One of the FMs here treats the time like a carnival…there are rides and food everywhere. I don’t think I’ll ever go to that Market.

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