Big Bad Corn from posted a great infographic about the overuse of corn in the United States.  Forward this to anyone who says corn is not used in everything.  “Corn is found in 3 out of 4 supermarket products.”  Based on correspondence with hundreds of companies, I would venture to say corn is used in the manufacturing, production, packaging or cleaning process of at least 50-75% of the remaining 25% of supermarket products.


7 thoughts on “Big Bad Corn from

  1. Good grief, thats enough to make me p… er… throw up. No wonder corn allergy is skyrocketing in the US. Shoving all that corn-crap down peoples throats. And, they don’t even realize just how much GMO corn they are actually eating, at every single meal of the day, and even in between. We know that corn is not properly labeled, if it is even labeled at all. Most people don’t have a clue. I’ll post the info to my corn allergy e-mail lists.

    • Yet we still have over 90% of doctors convinced that people cannot be allergic to corn and the remaining 10% (almost) are convinced people cannot react to corn derivatives. If corn allergy or corn intolerance were actual diagnosed correctly, I believe it would become apparent that more people are, in fact, reacting to corn and corn derivatives. I also believe less people would be continually medicated and action would be taken to remove some of the corn that’s infiltrated every, single area of our lives. This could just be wishful thinking…

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