Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Oh SO Good!


I was going to wait until Sunday to post this but the excitement is keeping me from sleeping.




Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free posted this wonderful recipe and I found it by chance. And what a wonderful find it was!  It took a bit more preparation than just using store bought Baker’s chocolate and non-dairy milk but it was totally worth it. Luckily I’ve been on a cooking/baking high this week so I had most of the ingredients on hand (i.e. the homemade coconut milk and apple syrup).


I started by making my chocolate.  I used 6.5 oz of cacao paste and 1.5 oz of cacao butter.  I melted the mixture using a double boiler over medium heat.  I took the mixture off of the heat to cool the chocolate and returned it to the heat for a short while in an effort to temper the chocolate.  This took about an hour. After the chocolate was ready I began following the recipe.  *You can add a dollop (or two) of honey, or any other sweetener, to the chocolate to make it sweet.  You can also add a little milk to make a milk chocolate.*


I made a few changes, of course.  Alex at Spoonful of Sugar-Free does not use any sugar in her baking.  I use homemade apple syrup for a sweetener; no other type of sweetener likes me.  I also had a bit more chocolate than the four ounces called for in the recipe; but I came up with a creative idea for the remaining chocolate…  that’s another blog post.  I opted not to use muffin liners as I’ve only found one company with supposedly safe, corn free paper liners.  I would have needed to purchase new muffin tins for the liners, as well as the liners themselves (smallest pack was a case of 12).  Instead, I opted to get 100% silicone muffin bakeware.  It worked marvelously, the chocolates popped right out!  They are beautiful!


This recipe was so very SIMPLE!  The end result is absolutely delicious.  If you can have honey I recommend adding it to your homemade chocolate while you are melting your cacao paste/butter.  I like the taste of bitter, unsweetened chocolate; however, if you are accustomed to something sweeter you will want to make the adjustments for your taste buds.  I’m sure this recipe would work well with almond/soy/nut/dairy milk also.  You should look for pure peanut butter that does not have any added ingredients.  I used Once Again Organic (NSA) Peanut Butter.  Quick edit from last night:  Someone on Facebook posted that their daughter could not have peanut butter.  I think any nut butter would work you will just need to add a little extra milk to ensure it blends well and is creamy and fluffy!



Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

~Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free, cane-sugar free! 





Melt the cacao paste and cacao butter using a double boiler over medium heat.  Remove from heat and allow to slightly cool. Return to heat and stir for 10 minutes.  Fill the bottom of each muffin pan/compartment with a smear of melted chocolate. Freeze for five minutes or until solid.


Whip the peanut butter with the coconut milk until fluffy.  Add the apple syrup and continue to whip.  Add the 2 tbsp (more if needed) of coconut milk to return the mixture to the fluffy state.  Put a dollop of the mixture into each muffin pan/compartment. Then, top with extra melted chocolate and freeze for another five minutes or until chocolate solidifies.  Enjoy!


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